Dear Microsoft,

I really like your Windows Phone platform, and use Nokia Lumia 820. I am generally happy with performance and functionality. Your Windows Phone store has several exclusive apps with very interesting ideas like Foundbite and Bill Reminder.

BUT, your store has a lot of junk which makes new and unexperienced users to buy and run fake applications.

I reported several times applications which is just fake, disappointing, or PAID apps which is just a links to a web browser.

Let me show you what I will get if I will enter just a Facebook.

I will get tons of Facebook apps, and only one of this apps s official other are junk. Let me show screenshots of one,

The Facebook PRO which costs $2.49, and as you can see its just a browser wrapper.

There is one more problem which makes me really mad at you dear Microsoft, and it is FAKE apps.

THE CHROME browser,

3 Firefox browsers

Please Microsoft, remove fake and useless apps.

PS. I reported all this apps several times to Microsoft, but no action is taken.